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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


INTRODUCTION TO LTE:                                          Reference: 3GPP, Agilent app note

Ø  Third-generation UMTS, has been deployed all over the world.

Ø  To ensure that this system remains competitive in the future, in November 2004 3GPP began a project to define the long-term evolution of UMTS cellular technology.

Ø  The specifications related to this effort are formally known as the evolved UMTS terrestrial radio access (E-UTRA) and evolved UMTS terrestrial radio access network (E-UTRAN), but are more commonly referred to by the project name LTE.

Ø  The first version of LTE is documented in Release 8 of the 3GPP specifications.

Ø  A parallel 3GPP project called System Architecture Evolution (SAE) is defining a new all-IP, packet-only core network (CN) known as the evolved packet core (EPC).

Ø  The combination of the EPC and the evolved RAN (E-UTRA plus E-UTRAN) is the evolved packet system (EPS).