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Thursday, 12 January 2012

RRC States In LTE

·       A UE is in RRC_CONNECTED when an RRC connection has been established.
·       If this is not the case, i.e. no RRC connection is established, the UE is in RRC_IDLE state.
·       RRC_IDLE:
o    A UE specific DRX may be configured by upper layers.
o    UE controlled mobility;
o    The UE:
§  Monitors a Paging channel.
§  Information change, and for ETWS capable UEs.
§  Performs neighbouring cell measurements and cell (re-)selection;
§  Acquires system information.

o    Transfer of unicast data to/from UE.
o    At lower layers, the UE may be configured with a UE specific DRX.
o    Network controlled mobility.
o    The UE:
§  Monitors a Paging channel and/ or System Information Block Type 1 contents to detect system information change, and for ETWS capable UEs, ETWS notification;
§  Monitors control channels associated with the shared data channel to determine if data is scheduled for it;
§  Provides channel quality and feedback information;
§  Performs neighbouring cell measurements and measurement reporting;
§  Acquires system information.

·       The following figure not only provides an overview of the RRC states in E-UTRA, but also illustrates the mobility support between E-UTRAN, UTRAN and GERAN.

RRC States In LTE

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