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Friday, 13 January 2012

Signalling Radio Bearers(SRBs) In LTE

Signalling radio bearers:

"Signalling Radio Bearers" (SRBs) are defined as Radio Bearers (RB) that are used only for the transmission of RRC and NAS messages.:
·         SRB0 is for RRC messages using the CCCH logical channel;
·         SRB1 is for RRC messages (which may include a piggybacked NAS message) as well as for NAS messages prior to the establishment of SRB2, all using DCCH logical channel;
·         SRB2 is for NAS messages, using DCCH logical channel. SRB2 has a lower-priority than SRB1 and is always configured by E-UTRAN after security activation.

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